Not only pancakes get flipped

At CDU we have a programme known as iScholar. It is where some academics have been under the guidance of Barbara White to look at alternative ways to deliver teaching and learning material to students. It is based on what is known as “Flipping the Classroom” – in saying that, it is very generic and sometimes not known as flipped learning. Many in iScholar have been very creative in their approach to the concept. I was more in line to how many view what flipping is. This YouTube clip explains my approach:

It is a different way to deliver material. It certainly fits in with the way I aim to provide information.

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2 Responses to Not only pancakes get flipped

  1. Marco says:

    Thanks Jim, as a part time student working full time the flipped classroom concept really suited me. I much prefer more time being spent in your lab working through the theory and concepts, instead of lectures being timetabled.


    • jimqstc says:

      Thanks, Marco. My flipping is aimed at not only internally enrolled students. I am to provide visual material for those who are externally enrolled to. While it may not replace actualy being there, the videos gives material to students that they can sometimes follow, or if the lab involves expensive equipment, a demonstration of what a particular piece of technology is capable of.


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