jim-lee.jpgHi  I’m Jim and this is my sports lab. Sport is my passion and I moved from a trade background into sports science and turned my dreams into reality. Its been my privilege to learn and study sports science all over Australia and I spent a year at Japan’s oldest University integrating it with technology too. I use my lab for physical literacy (and now STEMfit), research and I also teach functional anatomy and biomechanics. I see sports science as being disrupted by technology and am keen to embrace these technologies, where helpful to sports science. Generally, I do not take myself to seriously (well most of the time) and aim to get messages across in an easy going and sometime self-deprecating way. I communicate well and like to engage – and recently this is “moving to learn”, which is the STEMfit way.

It would be great for Jim’s sports lab’s to be Australia’s leading virtual sports lab education facility.  And from the lab, bring sports science to students, educators, commercial entities, and the general public in a plain speak accessible way.

In this site, there are glimpses at what is taught at Charles Darwin University (CDU) in subjects such as Biomechanics, Funky Anat (Functional Anatomy), and Exercise & Health. Also you will find links to some of the degree/courses/units available at CDU as well to collaborators at other places around Australia.  Joining the conversation, we (Jim and associates) believe the greatest learning comes from engaging interactive experiences, two-way dialogues and we ‘flip the classroom’ and where possible, do likewise here.

I hope you like.  Jimbo

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