Its been my privilege to work with all kinds of people from all over Australia and the world, my fantasy football team if you will

Professor Brendan Burkett

Brendan was my principle PhD supervisor from the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). He is a multi paralympic medal winner and all round good bloke.

A/Professor Daniel James

Danny was my associate supervisor for my PhD and later on I worked with him as a postdoc in sports technology. He got all the gadgets. I reckon it’s the future. When Darwin gets a bit hot I hang out in his SABEL Lab in Brisbane.

Professor Yuji OHGI

I spent a year living on rice and fish in Yuji’s lab at Keio University in Japan. He was the first guy to put sensors on a swimmer.

Dr Mark McKean

Mark is one of the few LvL 3 S&C coaches in Australia with a PhD. So he works in the fitness industry and does research as well. He founded a journal and has helped put almost 20 athletes on Olympic and world championship podium’s, with a combined tally of around 50 medals – an envious record to lay claim too

Dr Kean Wheeler

I met Kean when we did our PhD together at USC. He moved up from Canberra to complete it. Kean’s main area of research has been in rugby and has associations with the ACT Brumbies amongst other clubs. Kean also has a passion for indigenous heritage, history and culture. He currently hangs out at Deakin Uni in Geelong.  

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