Fancy sciency words

Many people see scientists as Boffins in white lab coats combining this, mixing that, and whala! A nice piece of smart science comes neatly together. We, however often know better, excruciating hours designing, setting up pilots, ironing out the bugs. Finally our patient duties result in the commencement of some data collection, only for a tiny hiccup to happen – power failure, venue double booked, coach or participant decides not to participate (quite within their rights), it is too wet, it is too hot, someone ate the chocolates – whatever the miriad of possibilities, we end up with comments like the following from (worth a visit for a laugh)…..

science exclamations1 Perhaps this “little known to the world” scientific vernacular should be taught to our up and coming troops? Or should they learn from experience……

Oh, as for the accuracy of the cartoon, while I may say it sometimes, for me the “I hate Science!” is always very short lived….. To paraphrase 10cc’s – Dreadlock Holiday, I don’t like Science. I love it!

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