Jim’s Sports Lab – supporter of a great cause.

A couple of months back, Jim was approached to use wearables to monitor a casual runner to prepare to run a marathon – the New York Marathon no less. Natalie Merida has made the commitment to run the NY Marathon in order to raise money for Miracle Babies. This is a not for profit organisation that supports families of premature babies. The link to a series of videos can be found here. It is a worthy cause and any donations would be greatly appreciated. If you wish to donate, please click on this link.

nat and jim

Nat and Jim talking about bits and pieces

The videos are found here too

Video 1 General intro by Dr Jim Lee and Nat; Video 2 Nat’s marathon progress update; Video 3 Sensor introduction by Dr Jim Lee; Video 4 Nat and using the sensor during training; Video 5 Dr Jim Lee talking about the transmitting of sensor data; Video 6 Nat and why she is running the NY mararthon for the Miracle Babies Foundation; Video 7 Embracing the marathon journey.

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