Translating Research To Innovations: ASTN – Q Recap.

Here is a blog from our friends at Sports Technology about today’s Research and Innovation in Sports Technology. Jim’s Sports Lab is proud to have been actively involved with a sponsored award for the best student poster. Rex Whiticker was the worthy winner.

Other highlights were Nicole McLeod’s and Sam Gleadhill’s papers being accepted for the half day conference and associated publication in the Journal of Fitness Research. Sam is a PhD student working on developing sensors for monitoring safe lifting in gyms and in working environments. Nicole is a current CDU undergrad who has shown her skills in research and writing – another PhD in the making???

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Today the ASTN Queensland node hosted a research industry half day conference titled Research and Innovation in Sports Technology (  at the QSAC stadium in Brisbane. The event was kicked off by sports science guru Prof. Allan Hahn (OAM) who provided a wealth of wisdom with a great overview of the evolution of sports technology. Prof.David Lloyd followed  with a great keynote focused on how he, and his musculoskeletal research team,  translate their research from laboratory to the field .

_DSC0099.JPG ASTN – Q Presenters (from Left to Right) : Dr James Lee, Paul Russell, Prof. Allan Hahn, Assoc Prof Daniel James, Prof. David Lloyd and Craig Hill.

Craig Hill, the executive director of the ASTN, spoke about the current sports tech landscape here in Australia, the wider aims of the ASTN and how they are trying to bolster and further Australia’s position as a forerunner of sports technology. He…

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