Sam Gleadhill’s PhD Confirmation of Candidature

Physiolytics and Jim’s Sports Lab team member, Sam Gleadhill is presenting his PhD confirmation of candidature this Friday (24 June). For anyone interested at CDU, please come to Red6 Room 1.01 for a 9.30 start. Griffith attendees, please go to Bray Centre Room N54_2.06 (10.00 am QLD time). This will be an interesting presentation with a combination of Sports Science and Sports Technology. I encourage you all to turn up and support Sam and see the adventure he is taking.

PHD Title:

Inertial sensor applications to monitor power and the NIOSH lifting equation during resistance exercise.


This confirmation of candidature presents a research proposal to validate new methods of assessing human movement parameters during a simulated work task using inertial sensors. The purpose of this research is to assess the validity of inertial sensors to be implemented in occupational settings to provide accurate, quantifiable information of resistance exercise movement patterns. The first aim of this research is to automate the NIOSH Lifting Equation with inertial sensors, by monitoring the agreement between inertial sensors, three dimensional motion capture and manual measurements. The second aim is to measure the validity of inertial sensors to monitor peak and average power, by testing the agreement between inertial sensors and gold standard methods of power monitoring. The third aim is to test the agreement between inertial sensors placed on the skin and inertial sensors embedded in clothing. It is hypothesised that inertial sensors will have a high agreement with the higher standard methods of monitoring these parameters of human movement. It is anticipated that this research will lead to a minimum of five publications to report validation results. Statistical validations will be undertaken using a Will Hopkins Typical Error of the Estimate, with a Pearson’s correlation and a Bland Altman Limits of Agreement analysis. This research will provide a foundation for inertial sensors to be applied for quantitative activity recognition of resistance exercise and safe lifting practices in occupational settings.

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  1. Daniel James says:

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    Hi everyone, come along and support Sam our visiting scholar from Darwin as he does his PhD confirmation seminar this Friday morning. Its to be held at Griffith Universities Nathan Campus.

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