Week5 Workshop for SPE205

The tech week. This week Jim has a conversation with his colleague Associate Professor Daniel James from the SABEL Labs at Griffith Uni. Danny is a world leader in the Sports Engineering world in general and with a particular interest in wearables. This is an interesting conversation. It has been deliberately created without Powerpoint slides. However, the discussion between Danny and Jim is very interesting and a lot can be taken away to better understand sports technology, where it has come from, where it is, and where it is heading too. Jim stands to be corrected, but he thinks this is the first sports technology lecture delivered to sports science students in Australia (and possibly the world) that has a particular focus on wearables.

In the Workshop, there will be demonstrations on the what outputs come from wearable technology, as well as infrared motion capture data and what we can take away from it. On top of that, Jim will talk a little more about Assessment 1 expectations.

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