Batak attack – Yet another update….

A Batak is a Sports Science tool that we can use to measure reaction, coordination, and agility of a person. Typically, when people first have a go, they score somewhere in the 20 hits in 30 secs. Here is Jim having a casual crack at it.

Now here is Jim having a real crack……

The challenge is now on for CDU students and staff (and outsiders??) to match it.

BTW, Jim has now bettered this by 1!!! And his aim is to break 60. He also has a score of 522 in 300 secs (5 mins) and wishes to break 600. Can the old dog defy his age???

Another update. This week, Jimbo managed 2 PBs – midweek 539 on the 5 min setting and today 58 in 30 secs. Steady progress towards his 600 and 60 goals….. And no, I am not fudging the LEDs – I think the score lights are on the way out.




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