Week1 – Biomech1 workshop

Tomorrow (2 March) is the first Workshop. Unlike others it does not have a pre-recorded lecture. The lecture will be done then, recorded and uploaded into Youtube afterwards. For students attending in the Green4 room, please bring calculators as we will be doing some basic maths in class. There will be a lot of housework too, with details of assessments and expectations of everyone to ensure success in SPE205


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2 Responses to Week1 – Biomech1 workshop

  1. Charles says:

    Hi Jim,
    Is the lecture live-streamed for external students if so what time is the lecture?


  2. jimqstc says:

    This is what I said on the closed Facebook site:
    Because of the way the system we use works, I can either stream the lecture, or record and upload later – not both. And because most externally enrolled students work, recording is the best way to deliver to the majority of people. I usually have the recordings edited down and posted on Youtube that night or early next morning – only occasionally a day or so later. Hope this helps. jimbo


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