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Here is a reblog from Where Jim gave a lecture along side of Associate Professor Tomohito Wada. Tomo-san’s video clip is worth having a look at. It shows off the Sports Performance Laboratory where he is based – Kanoya, Japan

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To kick off the month we were treated to two guest lectures by two of our esteemed SABEL colleagues, A/Prof Tomohito Wada and Dr. Jim Lee discussing their home institutions and how they embrace sports science and technology.


Tomohito is a director of the Information Technology Centerfor Sports Sciences, National Institute of Fitness and Sports (NIFS) in Kanoya, Japan. During his talk he showed off his seriously impressive research facilities, some of which can be seen in the video below but includes instrumented; baseball pitches, tennis courts, football pitch, running track, and swimming pools. As well as a plethora of sports tech to measure it including a 28 camera Vicon System, Trackman system, force plates including a 50m stretch of linked force plates, ZXY wearable real time tracking system and many other bespoke innovations. The centre is truly a sports tech heaven and all the guys here are looking at…

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